a little bit about my photography

Every so often, one image will stick with me - a truly remarkable and unique photograph that I was lucky enough to capture.   Some of them are the result of taking an enormous amount of preparation, other are the single exposure that "worked" out of thousands that have since been deleted, and the best are where I was lucky enough to be in the right place, at the right time, and no amount of mistakes would be able to ruin the amazing scene.

These are the very best of the several million times I have pressed the shutter button since my first photographs on an old Minolta X700.   Since then, the hardware has changed a lot, but the rules haven't - tell a truly amazing story.  Each photograph on this site is an attempt to do just that, so please enjoy!


All photos (c) Matthew Mueller, and special thanks go out to all of the great subjects who showed a remarkable ability to hold still in difficult situations.